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Leeds City Centre Improvements

The improvements to Leeds City Centre, delivered by the CityConnect programme, will provide an additional 4km of segregated Cycle Superhighways across the city. This will build on the 23km Cycle Superhighway (CS1) from Bradford to Leeds and Leeds to Seacroft (CS2), connecting them across Leeds City Centre.

Work started at the end of October 2017 and the expected completion date is Summer 2019. The programme of works can be found at the links below. This programme is put together in partnership with Colas and Leeds City Council and is under regular review. It will be updated as required throughout construction.

East Leeds extension – Duke Street – December 2018
West Leeds extension –  Wellington Street – December 2018

Completed sections will not be opened until agreed between all partners. This may mean that traffic management measures need to remain in place until this time.

West Leeds – Cycle Superhighway 1 Extension

This will continue Cycle Superhighway 1 along Wellington Street and into City Square. The extension of Cycle Superhighway 1 would provide a segregated one-way cycleway on either side of Wellington Street.  The scheme will integrate with the existing cycle facilities around City Square and will complement the potential closure of City Square to through traffic. The junction of Northern Street, Wellington Street and Queen Street will be a key location on the extension of Cycle Superhighway 1 and on the proposed City Cycle Loop. The junction will allow cycles to move safely between these two Superhighway routes.  Therefore the provisions of safe and direct cycle facilities are proposed along with facilities to provide safe turning movements. To allow this some movements at the junction may be restricted for general traffic, and a southbound one-way system on Queen Street is proposed.The western section of a City Cycle Loop would spur off the Cycle Superhighway 1 extension and would follow Queen Street on a two way segregated cycleway and would then drop onto the quiet streets of St Pauls Street, Park Square connecting with Westgate at the junction of Park Square East.

Design drawings for the improvements can be found at the links below

CityConnect Leeds City Centre – West (C) – 1 of 3
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – West (C) – 2 of 3
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – West (C) – 3 of 3
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – West (D) – 1 of 1

The design for the section between King Street and Little King Street has been changed (drawing 3 of 3 above). The revised design can be seen at the link below.

CityConnect – King Street to Little King Street design

The images below show Wellington Street as it is now and an artist’s impression of what it will look like when the Cycle Superhighway 1 extension is complete

East Leeds – Cycle Superhighway 2 Extension

This would continue Cycle Superhighway 2 along Marsh Way, York Street and Kirkgate to Vicar Lane. The extension of Cycle Superhighway 2 will be a two-way segregated cycleway on the southern side of Marsh Way and York Street, with direct crossing facilities at the Marsh Way / York Street junction.  An improvement scheme is proposed at the York Street / Duke Street / St Peters Street junction which would close two existing arches of the viaduct to general traffic to allow a segregated Cycle Superhighway between St Peters Street and Crown Point Road. The St Peter’s Street spur of the City Cycle Loop would be included within the Cycle Superhighway 2 extension to ensure a link is delivered to the existing Regent Street Route 9 cycle route.  Direct cycle facilities would also be provided for east to west movement across the City Centre Loop road on York Street. This scheme would also provide improved pedestrian facilities as well as opportunities to enhance the streetscape environment in this location. The Superhighway would then cross to the northern side of Kirkgate and follow Kirkgate to the junction with Harper Street.  On-carriageway cycle facilities would be provided North West of the junction of the High Court and Kirkgate, along with enhanced cycle facilities at the junctions.

Design drawings for the improvements can be found at the links below.

CityConnect Leeds City Centre – East (A) – 1 of 4
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – East (A) – 2 of 4
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – East (A) – 3 of 4
CityConnect Leeds City Centre – East (A) – 4 of 4

The improvements to the stretch along York Street (from Duke Street to Marsh Lane) have been deferred while public transport improvement proposals are developed for this area. Subject to timings/confirmation these proposals may be delivered alongside the CityConnect improvements.

Revision to East Leeds extension:

The design of the Cycle Superhighway has recently been reviewed due to the discovery of shallow gas mains where the southbound carriageway was planned to be re-aligned, on the south side of the ‘arches’.

Due to prohibitive cost and time impacts of lowering and diverting the gas mains, Leeds City Council has reviewed options for retaining the mains in-situ.  The revised layout, has been endorsed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority CityConnect Programme Board and whilst the revised layout represents a less direct route for cyclists, it shares many of the benefits of the original scheme including:

Please see the link below for the revised design. Please note this is subject to minor amends and a final version will be uploaded when available. 

CityConnect Leeds City Centre – East (A) – Revised Duke St design – Sept 2018

The works on Duke Street are scheduled to start late September 2018 and will be completed in phases, with the expected completion being summer 2019.



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