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York: Scarborough Bridge

This project consists of building a new, wider bridge across the River Ouse near to the centre of York, adjacent to the existing Scarborough-line railway bridge.

A programme outline is currently being developed which will include bridge closure and delivery dates. The bridge structure will be constructed off-site and then lifted into place to minimise disruption to the public. It is planned that all works will be complete by February 2019.

The new crossing will provide a much wider bridge suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs,wheelchairs and those with mobility issues. It will incorporate ramps, as well as stepped access so that all users are catered for. This new bridge will provide a traffic-free, scenic and direct link for residents, commuters and tourists – by foot or bike – between York station and the city centre and residential suburbs located on the opposite side of the river.

In addition, this will also improve the connectivity of the National Cycle Network (routes 65 and 658) as well as providing an improved traffic free route to the York Central site to the west of the station. Furthermore, the existing footbridge can be inaccessible for several weeks of the year due to riverside flooding. The new bridge will ramp down to the ‘dry side’ of the flood defences and therefore be continuously available for use.

Proposed new bridge next to Scarborough Bridge

Is there a need for a new bridge?

The current route is not accessible for anyone with mobility issues (the next nearest suitable river crossing being the heavily congested and narrow pavements of Lendal Bridge) and it is extremely difficult  for persons to currently pass each other on the bridge. Even with the existing narrow footbridge, the desire line here is clear with over 2,600 pedestrians on average using this crossing daily. Over 600 cyclists a day also use this route and currently have to carry their bikes up steep steps and across the narrow footbridge due to the lack of suitable river crossings within the area. Additionally, riverside flooding can currently render the existing footbridge inaccessible for lengthy periods of time.
It is envisaged that this new attractive traffic-free route between the Station (and York Central site) and the city centre, potentially via Museum Gardens, will become the preferred route for many visitors to York as well as regular commuters and local residents.

Images of what the new bridge may look like:

Southern approach with amended existing steps

New 3.6m wide bridge deck

Southern approach with alternative steps

City of York Council are leading on this project, in partnership with Network Rail. Funding for this upgrade may be made available from a number of sources including:

• Department for Transport’s Cycle City Ambition Grant as part of the CityConnect programme
• Central government’s Local Growth Fund;
• City of York Council capital funding.

All funding is subject to approval.

Public Consultation

Public consultation on the proposal opened on Monday 10th July and closed on Friday 28th July. Consultation was led by City of York Council, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. Members of the public were invited to inspect plans and discuss this proposal with the Project Manager at two events  in York Station foyer on;

The public were invited to feedback on the above proposals by sending their comments to

Please check our twitter and facebook accounts for updates on our consultation activities for this project.

The proposed schedule for this project is still being developed. All CityConnect projects will be complete by March 2018.

Click here for documents relating to this project.


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