Cycle Superhighway 1 & 2 Extensions

This would continue Cycle Superhighway 1 along Wellington Street and into City Square, and Cycle Superhighway 2 along Marsh Way, York Street and Kirkgate to Vicar Lane.

Two options are currently being investigated on Wellington Street, one which would provide a segregated one-way cycleway on either side of Wellington Street, and another which provides a two-way, segregated cycleway on the northern side of Wellington Street.  The scheme will integrate with the existing cycle facilities at City Square and to also be compatible with the potential closure of City Square to through traffic.


The junction of Northern Street, Wellington Street and Queen Street will be a key location on the extension of Cycle Superhighway 1 and on the proposed City Cycle Loop. The junction will allow cycles to move safely between these two Superhighway routes.  Therefore the provisions of safe and direct cycle facilities are proposed along with facilities to provide safe turning movements. To allow this some movements at the junction may be restricted for general traffic, and a southbound one-way system on Queen Street is proposed.


The extension of Cycle Superhighway 2 will be a two-way segregated cycleway on the southern side of Marsh Way and York Street, with direct crossing facilities at the Marsh Way / York Street junction.  An improvement scheme is proposed at the York Street / Duke Street / St Peters Street junction which would close two existing arches of the viaduct to general traffic to allow a segregated Superhighway between St Peters Street and Crown Point Road.  Direct cycle facilities would also be provided on the east to west movement across the City Centre Loop road on York Street.  This scheme would also provide improved pedestrian facilities as well as opportunities to enhance the urban realm in this location.


The Superhighway would then cross to the northern side of Kirkgate and follow Kirkgate to the junction with Harper Street.  On-carriageway cycle facilities would be provided north of Harper Street to Vicar Lane and on New York Street, along with enhanced cycle facilities at the junctions.