City Cycle Loop

The City Cycle Loop would provide a segregated cycleway around Leeds City Centre which would allow easy cycle movements around the City Centre and to the other Superhighway proposals and any future Cycle Superhighway routes.

The CityConnect2 scheme seeks to provide a two-way, segregated Superhighway on the western, northern and eastern sections of the proposed City Cycle Loop. The southern section would use the existing NCN Route 66 and part of the Aire Valley Towpath.  The western section would follow Queen Street, St Pauls Street, Park Square, and The Headrow, to then join the existing cycle facility on Cookridge Street.  There are concerns regarding public realm impacts on the Headrow and therefore an alternative corridor alignment is being investigated via Oxford Place and Great George Street.



The northern section would follow Great George St from the junction of Cookridge Street to New Briggate, with a segregated two-way cycleway to be provided on existing carriageway.  The route would then cross the New Briggate / North Street junction onto a restricted access section of Merrion Street before continuing onto Templar Street and Bridge Street, linking with the Route 9 cycleway on Regent Street.  This section is dependent on proposals for Phase 2 of the Victoria Gate development; therefore an alternative route is being explored via New York Road.

The eastern section would run from the Eastgate roundabout to the junction of Crown Point Road and Bowman Lane.  A two-way, segregated Superhighway is proposed on the eastern side of St Peters Street, before passing through the proposed facilities at the Duke Street / York Street junction before moving to the western side of Crown Point Road and over Crown Point Bridge. The Superhighway on Crown Point Road is to be provided through reallocation of the nearside traffic lane. 

The City Cycle Loop is a dynamic part of the Leeds CityConnect 2 scheme. There are a number of potential developments planned which will build on what is proposed to be delivered by CityConnect2.