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Rediscover that cycling feeling!

More and more people are choosing cycling as their preferred way of getting from A to B and we’d like to share with you the reasons why.

• It’s great for your physical and mental health
• It saves you money as cycling is practically free
• It takes the stress away from being stuck in traffic
• You might actually find yourself getting to places quicker

At CityConnect we’ve met some brilliant people and loved hearing their stories about why they cycle. Whether it’s playing out with their mates, overcoming an illness or injury, simply saving money, or just because it’s the easiest way of getting around!

Bikes just give you a lot of freedom and independence, you can go anywhere on a bike, you can use them as a form of transport or if you just wanna get out and see things it can take you places you didn’t even know existed. – Dominic

Cycling is also really good for the economy, communities and the environment. By encouraging more people to cycle we hope to help overcome some serious issues.

• The health crisis, including diabetes and obesity
• Congestion
• Poor air quality
• Social inequalities

I’ve lost two stone since I started cycling to work and I haven’t done anything in particular to my diet! You just get fitter, stronger and you do feel the benefits”. – Matthew

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Across West Yorkshire, the CityConnect scheme aims to be part of the solution, working alongside local and national partners, to provide people with the things they need.

If you’ve never learnt to ride, we can give you the support and training you need to get on two wheels. Feel you need to learn the basics or just need to refresh your skills? Why not sign up to some free cycle training with Cycling UK?

E-bikes are increasing in popularity across the UK and they are a great idea if you need that extra little bit of help, either with the incline or the distance of your journey. They now come in all shapes and sizes so there will be one to suit you and your requirements, and best of all, they are great fun!
You can visit to find out more.

If you don’t feel like you have the confidence to start cycling to work on your own, why not join the CityConnect Bike Bus or set one up of your own with friends and colleagues?

Aire Valley Bike Bus

“I’ve been riding almost every day now for the past 4 years and I doubt I’d have started without the motivation and help of the bike bus. Every day I ride, I save money and feel better, even in the rain! It’s never too late either, I was 56 when I started!” – Lin

Live or work in Leeds or Bradford? We’ll be running Bike Safaris that will take you on a guided tour of the brand new Cycle Superhighway and see for yourself how easy getting from A to B by bike can be.

Remember, all you need is some basic equipment and you’re good to go!

I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘cyclist’, it’s just how I get around. I wear my work uniform whilst riding my bike, I have a little old ladies bike with a basket on the front that gets me from A to B and she does a perfect job. – Jackie

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