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CityConnect Walking is working with organisations across West Yorkshire to encourage people to build walking into their journey to and from work, education and training. CityConnect is working with Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, to deliver CityConnect Walking.

Walk Friendly Workplaces

The Walk Friendly Workplace accreditation scheme offers organisations help to encourage their employees to incorporate walking into their regular commute.  The information below provides more details about the scheme and how you and the organisation you work for can get involved.

So here’s how we can help you encourage your staff to build walking into their working day.

A Walk Friendly Workplace can help maintain a happy, healthy and collaborative workforce, which in turn drives benefits for the business.  Through our accreditation scheme, businesses will be recognised for their efforts in actively encouraging their staff and customers to travel on foot as well as building walking into the working day.

What is a Walk Friendly Workplace?  

A Walk Friendly Workplace is one that strives to create an environment in which travelling on foot is an easy and convenient option. It recognises that encouraging staff to travel on foot for all or part of their journey to work has physical and psychological benefits, reduces the risk of preventable diseases and can free up headspace, inspire creativity, and ease feelings of stress.  It can help staff save money on parking, fares and fuel costs, and contribute to improved air quality. A Walk Friendly Workplace will offer advice and support to staff to be more physically active, and ensure they have someone to champion walking and its benefits in the workplace.

The very best Walk Friendly Workplaces will be able to apply for our Walk Friendly Workplace Plus accreditation. These workplaces will offer their staff workplace challenges to motivate them to walk regularly, provide maps to show visitors and staff safe and convenient routes to walk and even carry out physical improvements to their sites to make walking to work easier.

Sign up to the Walk Friendly Workplace accreditation scheme and we’ll give you the support you need! Our team can visit your workplace to carry out an initial assessment and discuss measures that will help you gain accreditation.

What can the Walk Friendly Workplace Accreditation scheme offer you?

• Best practice guidance on encouraging staff to walk more
• Visits from the Living Streets  team to deliver Walk Doctor travel surgeries and other activities that support your staff to travel on foot
• Following your application, we’ll give you tailored feedback and recommendations that will help you progress through your accreditation
• Your efforts promoting travel on foot  will be rewarded with our accreditation scheme.

Please email if you would like to find out more about how to become a Walk Friendly Workplace.

Also, have a look at our Walking Tips to see how you can incorporate more walking into your day.


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