Clean Air Day with Ben Still

Why is Clean Air Day so important for Leeds City Region?

How will the West Yorkshire Combined Authority contribute to achieving the goal of Leeds being a clean air zone by 2020?

So we’re doing loads of stuff, three things in particular. We are encouraging people to cycle and walk to work through campaigns and our travel planning teams. Secondly we’re providing public transport services, both part of the normal bus service network but also we have 150 school buses which encourages children to get to school without having to use the car, and thirdly we’re building infrastructure through the CityConnect programme to make it easier for people to walk or cycle and we’re building in this kind of infrastructure into every scheme we do.

In your view, what can the general public do to help reach this goal?

As the Combined Authority, we can do so much, but on the 15th June it’s absolutely about everyone doing their best not to use their car to get to work, finding other means, walking, cycling, catching public transport. Ultimately we’ll only tackle poor air quality by everybody changing their way that they behave in the way that they use transport.

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