Celebrating Bike Week with Ambrose White

What is your number 1 top tip for someone who is about to start cycling to work?

Living in Sheffield and working in Leeds is quite a commute! How do you fit cycling into your everyday routine?

I would be pretty lost without my bike in fact – or at least would lose out on precious sleep. I cycle to Sheffield Station in 10-15 minutes (which is probably the quickest I could get there by any means in morning rush hour) and then leave my bike in the station Cycle Hub which is really convenient. On the occasions where I can’t use my bike that day, the extra time taken often sees me missing the train or having to make a dash for the train and just making it. So cycling really is the quickest and best option for me.

I am not that great at finding time to do separate exercise after work so I am really glad that I get a 5 mile bike ride as part of my daily routine.

What benefits have you found from cycling regularly?

It keeps me (just about) in shape, or at least I know it is helping me keep healthy; the times I have to take the bus (for example) I am quickly reminded of how my bike ride costs me nothing every day; and the convenience of the journey means I can spend longer in the morning having my breakfast or getting a bit more sleep.

And every so often, even after 30+ years of cycling, I still get that same feeling of freedom and fun as my legs start to turn the pedals and the bike begins to glide along…whist I have a smile on my face. 🙂

If you could cycle anywhere in the world where would it be?

If it was a touring holiday then probably a holiday around Italy, cycling round drinking wine and eating pizza. But for just everyday cycling, it would have to be Copenhagen – great baking, great cycling, great design.

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