Meet Jackie Webster



• Aged 42
• Mum of two
• Seacroft resident
• Works in Cross Gates
• Cycles to Work

Meet Jackie!

She’s fairly new to the world of cycling after taking it up back in April 2015 but already she’s reaping the benefits and loving her new active lifestyle. Jackie doesn’t care about lycra, she doesn’t care about having the latest, top of the range bike, Jackie just enjoys cycling. And that’s the attitude CityConnect loves!

We had the pleasure of meeting Jackie at Seacroft Gala in July 2015, where she visited our stand to talk about CityConnect, our plans for improving cycle routes near where she lived, and to generally have a good old chinwag about cycling.

Jackie said:

‘I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘cyclist’, it’s just how I get around. I wear my work uniform whilst riding my bike, I have a little old ladies bike with a basket on the front that gets me from A to B and she does a perfect job’. Jackie bought her first bike for £50 from a lovely lady named Stella, which she later named her bike after!


Jackie told us that she’d always just ‘plodded about on a bike’, but never really used it as a mode of transport. Then Jackie gave cycling a try! Instead of spending 25 minutes walking home in the dark each evening, she found that by bike she felt safer and it only took her 8 minutes to travel the mile and half home. By getting home quicker, Jackie is now able to pick up her youngest daughter from the childminder, giving them more quality time together at home.

If you think just over a year ago Jackie was a non-cyclist and now she’s cycling 6 times a week. Hats off to ya Jackie, we salute you!

When Jackie’s not traveling to and from work, you might see her parking her bike up at the local ASDA before she does her food shop, or taking the family dogs out for a walk, who are loving the extra-long walks now that Jackie’s taking them out by bike.

We asked Jackie how cycling has affected her health and well-being:

“When I first started riding to work I could only get so far and I’d have to get off and push it to the brow of the hill, then once I was on the flat get back on again. Then I started being able to get up all the hill frantically spinning away in first gear, pedalling and puffing and panting. I can now get from my house to work all the way without changing from third gear. I’m stronger in my muscles and I must be stronger in my heart. I’ve also dropped from a size 18 to a size 14!”

Jackie’s excited for the Cycle Superhighway to open as it will provide a safe route for her to travel that little bit further by bike. She told us that the shop she works in will be opening a city centre branch, and having a way of traveling there by bike will be ideal.

The investment in cycling was something Jackie felt strongly about, and felt that creating an environment where people are happy to cycle will encourage people to build physical activity into their daily routines, resulting in a positive effect on their health.

“As a cyclist, I just want a space where I know I can go and be safe—if I can just cycle straight up to work in a cycle lane without any parked cars I’d feel much better than thinking I’ve got to pull out into this fast traffic.”


• Traveling by bike is quicker and feels safer
• Less time traveling means more time with the family
• Improved physical and mental health
• Excited for the Cycle Superhighway to open, making cycle journeys into Leeds easier
• Feels strongly about the enforcement of cycle track parking