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Bradford Canal Road

The new segregated cycle route would run between the City Centre nearby the Forster Square Rail station area, for approximately 2.3km along the Canal Road/Valley Road corridor.

The below map illustrates the route the path will take and highlights some key points where the design and route choice are explained.

More detailed information about this scheme can be found below the map.


This new route would provide a strategic link between the developing residential areas of Canal Road andthe jobs and training opportunities in Bradford City Centre (supported by additional cycle parking). It would also provide a good connection with the existing Airedale Greenway cycle corridor. The proposed route could be provided by Spring 2018 and comprise five sections

 COMBINED Bradford Canal Rd-001b and 001c

Bradford City Centre to St Blaize Way roundabout

A segregated two-way cycle superhighway along Canal Road and Valley Road, aligned along the site of the former Royal Mail House. This section of the route requires additional land that has been safeguarded through the grant of planning permission to develop this site. The two schemes are tied together in terms of the timing of delivery. As a temporary measure, if necessary to avoid delay to delivering the cycle route, an on-road diversion route along Holdsworth Street and Canal Road has been identified that can be implemented to ensure continuity of the route. There will be a connecting link to the bottom of Church Bank and the Leeds – Bradford Cycle Super Highway. Alterations will be made to the kerb positions on the cycle track side of the road in order to provide separate ways for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. Traffic lane widths will be adjusted to suit the space available.


Retail Park Section (St Blaise Way to Inkersley Road) 

The cycle superhighway continues along the eastern side of Valley Road, passing the Forster Square Shopping Park and crossing Hamm Strasse through the existing signalled junction which will be modified to incorporate a signal controlled cycle crossing. The route will then cross to the western side of Valley

Road via a raised controlled crossing at a point midway between the two entrances to the car parks next to Lidl. It then continues to a point opposite the delivery access point for the Asda store. 

In order to accommodate the cycle crossing at Hamm Strasse without affecting ring road traffic it will be necessary to prohibit the left turn from Valley Road towards Shipley Airedale Road. The alternative route for motor vehicles will be to either head north along Valley Road to access Shipley Airedale near Tesco or continue south along Valley Road and turn left along Holdsworth Street to join Canal Road and left again towards Shipley Airedale Road. 


Industrial Section (Inkersley Road to Queens Road) 

The cycle superhighway then moves through the industrialised area of Valley

Road to a signal controlled crossing at Queens Road. The route will be along the western side of Valley Road where there is currently no footway. The cycle track will be separated from motor vehicles with a new concrete kerb and space will be provided by narrowing the carriageway. In order to maintain access to business premises Valley Road will become a One-way street northbound and parking restrictions will be applied along most of the length of this section. There will be some on-street parking but it will be limited.


Valley Road/ Queens Road/ Bolton Lane junction 

Here, a new signal controlled junction will be provided that will incorporate a controlled cycle crossing and will stop traffic on Queens Road to allow Valley Road traffic to exit onto Queens Road. This new junction will be linked to the traffic signals at the Midland Road junction and will ease congestion to ring road traffic. 

There will be no-entry to Valley Road as this will be one-way northbound. There will be no-right-turn from Bolton Lane on to Queens Road and no-right-turn from Queens Road on to Bolton Lane. There will also be parking restrictions introduced along Bolton lane.


Hillam Road 

The cycle super highway continues through the industrial area to the existing cycle track on Canal Road near the crossing opposite Arnold Lavers. The route will be along the western side of Hillam Road and will be separated from motor vehicles and pedestrian routes with new concrete kerbs. 

Space will be provided by narrowing the footways on both sides of the road and widening the carriageway on the eastern side of Hillam Road. The carriageway width will remain the same as at present so that access to premises can be maintained whilst also maintaining space for lorries to park. 

August 2016 – What is happening now?

Before building the new route, between 4th July and 29th July, we invited the public to make comments on the proposals. We held two public consultation sessions at Bolton Woods Community Centre and comments could be left online on the above maps. The feedback and opinions collected have been collated into a report which will allow scheme’s designers to amend the plans if appropriate. The report will then be presented to The Executive Committee at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council for consideration.

Detailed design plans can be found on the Bradford Canal Road documentation page.

If you missed the public consultation period but would like to provide feedback on the scheme please email


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