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You can contact the CityConnect team via

Phone: 01132 517366
Twitter: @CityConnect1
Facebook: Cityconnect
CityConnect Team
Wellington House
40-50 Wellington Street


Meet the CityConnect Team

The CityConnect project is jointly managed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds City Council and City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. It involves several project teams covering design, build and communications.

Ginny Leonard

Communications and Engagement project manager on CityConnect

I’m Ginny Leonard the Communications and Engagement project manager on CityConnect. I’ve worked in Cycling for 6 years on various projects for CTC the National Cycling charity and now West Yorkshire Combined Authority. I ride a bike to work every day as well as riding mountain bikes and road bikes on evenings and weekends when I have time!

Did you know there are roughly one billion bicycles in the world, about twice as many as cars? And I have a good proportion of those in my garage…..

Chris Moses

Programme Co-ordinator for CityConnect

I’m Chris Moses. I work for West Yorkshire Combined Authority as Programme Co-ordinator for CityConnect. My role is to liaise with the various project teams to make sure the programme is delivered on time and on budget. I regularly cycle the 10 mile round trip to and from work. I love most sports and am a keen follower of all Leeds/Yorkshire teams (football, rugby, cricket etc…).

I bet you didn’t know that…….. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest!!

Sam Cooke

CityConnect Communications and Engagement Project Assistant

I’m Sam Cooke, focusing on working with schools on the route as well as with how the route affects non-cycling road users. I started out as a cycle courier, then taught BikeAbility and most recently I worked with businesses, schools and universities to improve their locations for cyclists. I do a fair amount of cycling myself – road, mountain biking and dabbled with racing.

I have an embarrassing girl’s name for my middle name, come and find me at one of the CityConnect events and I might tell you what it is!

Gavin Wood

CityConnect Communications and Engagement Project Assistant

I’m Gavin Wood, one of the Project Assistants on the CityConnect Project. I’ve worked on various cycling schemes over the last 7 years, from setting up adapted bike projects for the less able, through to encouraging greater use of cargo bikes for delivering goods and services. The opportunity to work on a pioneering cycle project in my own backyard is great. When it comes to bikes, I don’t have one particular passion, I like them all, but I do love my commute down the Aire Valley

One tank of petrol is equal in energy to a bike ride of 20,000km!

Katie Edmondson

Programme Assistant for CityConnect

I’m Katie Edmondson and I’m the Programme Assistant for CityConnect. I have a background working in Marketing and Travel Planning at West Yorkshire Combined Authority – specifically working on a project aimed at getting jobseekers back into work. I love walking my terrier Lily along the canal and to the pub.

You might know that Louis Le Prince filmed the first ever moving picture sequences in the centre of Leeds, but did you know he mysteriously vanished from a train on 16 September 1890?

Abbie McColl

CityConnect Consultation Assistant

I’m Abbie McColl, a consultation assistant for City Connect. I have a background in marketing and have worked in sustainable travel for the last two years. I have worked on various projects, helping commuters and school children make healthy and sustainable travel choices to work and school. I’m new to the team and have to admit I’m yet to rock the lycra! But I’m sure my team mates will have me on 2 wheels before long.

If there were 75 people cycling on the Cycle Superhighway at any one point there is a 99.9% chance that two of them would share the same birthday.

Stephen Longthorpe

CityConnect Consultation Assistant

Majority of my, 35 years working life has been on shift work, either starting working before or finishing after public transport services.
Cycling or walking are the only cost effective and reliable way of traveling in the early hours of the morning. I enjoy cycling on traffic-free country lanes or towpaths and the school run, which is far quicker by bike. The added bonus being, a great positive activity to share with my children.

Leeds introduced the First ELECTRIC Tram service in the country, circa 1891, which draw power from an overhead wire. After winning court cases over the operating concerns, it then became the power format whole industry employed nationwide.

Emma Parkin

CityConnect Communications and Engagement Project Assistant

I’m Emma Parkin, one of the Communications and Engagement Project Assistants. I’ve worked in cycling and sustainable transport for 3 years now and I enjoy working on something I believe in! I regularly cycle to work and love getting out on my mountain bike in my free time……I admit I am a bit of a fair weather cyclist though….wet, cold Lycra and gale force winds are not my cup of tea.

The bicycle is the most efficient vehicle ever devised; a human on a bicycle is more efficient than a train, truck, airplane, boat, car, motorcycle or jet pack. Ducks, however, are still more efficient.

Fiona Limb

Programme Manager

Hi, I’m Fiona, the CityConnect Programme Manager. I’m responsible for managing the whole package of projects that make up city connect, ensuring that they are delivered to time, budget and at the high quality set out in the vision. I’ve worked on cycling and sustainable transport projects for the last 14years, many of them at Bradford District Council and joined the CityConnect team in July 2015.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the first phases of the project completed and using them on my commute to work as well as for leisure with my family”.

Beryl Burton from Morley, West Yorks was one of the greatest female cyclists of all times. Seven times world champion, she once broke the men’s record for the 12 hour time trial, completing 277 miles at an average speed in excess of 23 mph.


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